Chocolate & Hazelnut Gourmet Granola
Chocolate & Hazelnut Gourmet Granola

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Chocolate & Hazelnut Gourmet Granola

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This luxurious handmade gourmet granola will leave you craving for more every day. While over endless attempts to master this granola to perfection, us and our family and friends have gotten fully addicted to this divinely delicious granola and we are ready to share our handmade gourmet granola creation with you.

Preservative and additive free, refined sugar free, fruit free.


Ingredients: rolled oats (Australia), hazelnuts, cocoa powder, chocolate nibs (organic), sugar free chocolate powder chips (Australia), honey (Australia), maple syrup, coconut oil (organic), vanilla extract (Australia), salt (Australia), cinnamon.

May contain other nuts.

Store in a dry place.

Nutritional information

Servings per package: 5     Serving size: 30g

                            Per serving         Per100g

Energy                  960 kJ                1920g

Protein                 4.3g                    8.6g

Fat, total              12.6g                   25.3g

Saturated             7.2g                    14.4g

Carbohydrate       21.4g                  42.9g

Sugars                  9.2g                    18.4g

Sodium                 8mg                   15mg

Shelf life: 6 months

Made in Australia from at least 46 % Australian ingredients.